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Property tax consultants specializing in correcting excessive real estate tax assessments

At Mid America Tax, Inc., we are experienced tax consultants serving commercial and industrial property owners in the OH, KY & IN region. We are qualified and experienced property tax consultants, appraisers and past real estate assessors with credentials in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana tri-state area. We are committed to helping commercial property owners correct excessive tax liabilities caused by over-assessed valuations.

Property Tax Reduction Services

Our goal is to help property owners achieve maximum savings and parity in taxation. We secure tax reductions and successfully complete informal appeals at all administrative levels. Our property tax reduction services are ideal for new and current property owners who have been recently reassessed. We can also assist business owners who are interested in purchasing a property where a tax analysis and an accurate tax forecast is needed.

Robert Mellinger - President - Mid America Tax, Inc.

Robert Mellinger
President - Mid America Tax, Inc.

Identify and Challenge Any Discrepancies with the County Appraiser

We gather supporting documentation, research assessments and compare tax rates for similar properties in the area. As a professional real estate tax consultant, we are familiar with local county assessors and the state appeal boards. Our aggressive representation and clients-first attitude allows us to negotiate and to secure property tax reductions before the case enters higher levels of the bureaucratic system. We complete our own inspection and assessment of each property. This allows us to identify and challenge any discrepancies between our data and the information that the county appraiser is using.

Commercial and Industrial Tax Consultants

Our tax appeal consultants excel in assisting property owners challenge county assessments for commercial and industrial properties. Our consultants are familiar with filing requirements, local deadlines, jurisdictional rules and valuation techniques that apply to tax appeals in all parts of the OKI tri-state area. Contact us today and let us reduce your property taxes.